BBC micro:slothbit Humanoid Robot

BBC micro:slothbit Humanoid Robot




sloth:bit is a programmable biped robot powered by Amazing BBC micro:bit. With the Visual programming from micro:bit App, sloth:bit can be very easy to program and play. Visual programming can be applied on tablet or smartphone; You can download the program the sloth:bit through Bluetooth interface without cables.

Different type of sensors are equipped with sloth:bit robot. The micro:bit board is attached with accelerometer, terrestrial magnetometer and temperature sensor, infrared obstacle avoidance and voice sensor are also attached inside.

sloth:bit robot also have reserved several extensibility interfaces. Users can DIY hardware if needed and it is convenient for modifying and extending functions.


Micro:Bit – Popular BBC micro:bit micro-controller with motion detection, compass, LED display and Bluetooth.

App Programming – Visual programming can be completed by micro:bit APP on iPad/Tablet or smartphone.

Obstacle Avoidance – Automatically bypass obstacles ahead, it is intelligent enough.

Sound Sensor – Controlled the sloth:bit by clapping your hands or sounds from other actions.

Funny Play – Sloth:bit can be very easy to program and play with the BBC micro:bit.


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