Robotic Arm Kit for Arduino

Robotic Arm Kit for Arduino



The Robotic Arm Kit for Arduino is designed for STEM Junior/Senior level to learn robot arm control. With the Arduino UNO and a servo expansion board, the robot arm is easy to use and full of fun! You can control its four axes by the 4 potentiometer buttons, as well as make them move on your computer using LabView Software. In addition, it can memorize the movements it’s made and repeat again and again, making it a great tool for repeated tasks.


Learning Robot: The interactive learning robot kit for kids to learn visual coding, building and programming.

Flexible Arm: Gripper opens to 3.54 inches and 260 degrees, radial wrist motion of 180 Degree, an extensive elbow range of motion of 180 Degree, base rotation of 180 Degree. 4 Axis design makes the robotic arm move flexibly that can grab objects in any direction.

Easy to Build: Our Arm robot kit packages with 101 pieces and a detail PDF instruction which is easy for kids to build them together.

Convenient Control and Gripper: It’s convenient for you to control the arm robot toys in 2 ways – handle and computer. Grippers have double layers with a pointed end and jagged edges which will grab the object firmly.


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